Emizimu, Amayembe ne’ byookola bilumbye abayizi besomelo – Abasomesa basobedwa

The management of Sekaza Memorial Primary School in Kiringente Sub County, Mpigi District has indefinitely closed the school following reports that there are demons attacking pupils.

According to school administrators, some pupils have in the last couple of weeks been unable to attend lessons complaining of strange illnesses which health workers in the area have failed to diagnose, The school closure was announced on Wednesday following a meeting with local leaders and police.

“We have had no lessons since pupils returned from the Easter holiday because they refused to go to their classes. So management found it necessary to send them back to their homes to give us time to resolve this problem,” Ms Julliet Namagembe, deputy head teacher, said.

She said they are also stuck with this problem because whenever the suspected evil spirits attack the learners, whoever tries to help the victims is also affected.

“We are stuck, we don’t know what to do next, but if there is anyone out there who has an idea about this problem, please come and give us help,” she said

On both Tuesday and Wednesday, about 50 pupils spent all the time demonstrating and refusing to attend classes. The most affected are in Primary Six and Seven classes.

This worrying situation is blamed on a former member of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) who was recently relieved of his duties after an acrimonious battle for control, It is claimed that these weird things started with his two children at the school.

According to one of the long-serving female teachers at the school who preferred anonymity, some [pupils] appeared like they had mental problems, shouting and jumping, while others were physically very weak.

“We have sought the intervention of priests from the nearby Anglican church to pray for the victims and school to exorcise the demons, but the situation just worsened,” she said.

On Wednesday, a group of angry parents stormed the school demanding to know what had happened to their children. They attempted to rough up the head teacher, but police under the command of Mr Ronald Mugarura, the officer in charge of Nakirebe Police Post swiftly intervened and calmed them down.

“Some parents were threatening to carry out mob action which we cannot allow. So, we advised that all learners go back to their respective homes as the matter is being solved,” he said

Flavia Nalubulwa, a Primary Seven pupil and one of the victims claim that when the suspected evil spirits attack, the victim becomes unconscious whenever they enter the classrooms.

“The demons attack when we are in the middle of the lesson, and you just find yourself falling down, sometimes they mention the name of a former member of the PTA, saying they want to suck blood from six pupils, we really don’t know why,” she said.


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