“Gwe Ka Kaiyz ngenda Kusiba ekitalya nebisumuluzo Mbisuule Munyanja nabalala bayigile ku gwe” – Bruno K atabukidde Munamawulire wa NBS Isaac Kawalya alias Kaiyz lwokusaasanya Ndagabutonde (DNA) we nomwanawe Keith Kigundu

Singer Bruno K has vowed to deal with Next Media entertainment journalist Isaac Kawalya alias Kaiyz for online exposure of his and his son’s genetic imprints.

On 14th April 2023, media personality Kaiyz broke the story of how the DNA results of Bruno K and his son Seth Kiggundu had been released.

Kaiyz went ahead to share the DNA results online, which confirmed that Bruno K is the paternal father of the kid in question Seth Kiggundu.

Kaiyz’s decision to expose Bruno K and his son’s genetic imprints left the latter with a sour taste in his mouth, before taking to Twitter to vent his frustration.

Bruno K revealed that there are very many risks involved in sharing someone’s DNA imprints online, including being framed for murder.

The Omuwala crooner maintained that he is going to be the last person Kaiyz is messing up with, before notifying him that he is hearing from his lawyer Bwowe Ivan very soon. 

I have been silent for a while concerning the issues about my son Seith. But I will address that issue later. First, I am going to deal with Kayz. Who gave you permission to share my child’s DNA imprint and mine? Do you know how that’s dangerous for both of us, sir?

Do you know who that child will be in the future? What if he becomes the president of this country? Do you think it’s right for the future presidents’ DNA imprint to fly online? Do you know I can be framed for a murder crime just by sharing my DNA imprint online?

Am going to be the last person you mess around with Kayz. So many people in this industry have let you play with them this time round tugenda kwabika bro. You should have shared the info below the paper, not my DNA imprint of my sons

You will be hearing from my lawyer BwoweIvan very soon sir. As for your online inlaws nobody loves Seth more than I do. I have done for him what any father could do for his son and I can’t explain to any of you judging me and making noise.

I have paid medical bills, visited him countless times, sent his mother upkeep countless times and not forgetting I personally named him Kiggundu. I have been judged a lot by people who know nothing about me or my life. This issue involves a minor who happens to be my son.


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