Princess Sheila Nvannungi Confirms Giving Birth to a Set of Twins

Buganda princess Sheila Nvannungi has confirmed giving birth to a set of twins with her unnamed partner, Over the years, there have been rumours that Princess Sheila Nvannungi is infertile and unable to bear children.

The rumours also claimed that the former CBS presenter was under a spell that claimed every man she dated, Taking part in an interview with Spark Tv recently, Nvanungi watered down the allegations, stressing that they are baseless and untrue.

She continued by emphasizing that, contrary to persistent rumours, she has never lost a husband or partner in her whole life.

In response to claims that she hadn’t given birth, she disclosed that she is the mother of a pair of twins and proudly wears the title of Nalongo, which is given to mothers who deliver twins.

Nvanungi asserted that she expresses gratitude to God since she is a born-again Christian, in contrast to other Baganda women who celebrate a minor god named Mukasa for giving women twins.


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