Gwe Vanessa Stop spreading false news about me mbu ndi 2 minute man yet I still want to balloon girls – Bruno K

Singer Bruno K has urged the media to stop spreading fake news against him because they are killing his reproductive brand.

The singer said that the media has done him dirty on what they write and talk about him, Now girls don’t want to come near him yet there are many who would have wanted to produce for him.

And he’s also willing to impregnate them because he’s a very good dad, Therefore all this should stop before girls start running away from him.

It should be noted that the singer is one of the favorite ladies man, He has more scandals with women than music and these have been his biggest hits for the past few months.

Bruno K has just two known kids and even recognizing these has been a hustle,The baby mama of his daughter Briella Kiggundu died while cursing as the singer wasn’t good at providing care.

He’s also been involved in scandals with a one Vanessa who accused him of refusing to provide assistance to her after he impregnated her.


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