Day four of Sudan fighting: Regional leaders set for Sudan to negotiate peace

Regional leaders have picked interest in the Sudan conflict and have resorted to visit the country and try to pacify the two armed groups before a civil war breaks out.

This follows a three-day intensive fighting that saw the two armed groups agreeing to a 24-hour cease-fire on Tuesday.

Heavy gun fires and explosions are still heard in the capital of Khartum despite the 24 hour humanitarian cease-fire that was to be effected on Tuesday by 6:00pm GMT.

The countries expected to be part of the negotiations include Djibuti, Kenya and South Sudan.

The United Nations says more than 180 people have been killed since the fighting began on Saturday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says Sudan’s warring sides have seized ambulances and that the violence has forced hospitals to shut down.

“There is a shortage of ambulances due to their seizure by both sides of the conflict,” the WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Al-Mandhari said.




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