South Africans have woken up early Wednesday morning to vote for a new president.

The ANC party which has been the most popular party since app is starting to loose ground since some of the citizens say that for the last 30 years, all they have seen is poverty, unemployment and poor living conditions adding that a chance of leadership change from a different party would create some change.


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Voting is under a proportional system in which parties and candidates are competing for 400 seats in the National Assembly.

Parties on the national ballot will contest 200 of those seats while the other 200 are divided between the nine regions and contested by parties and independent candidates.

In provincial legislatures, the number of seats is determined on the basis of the size of the population in each of the nine provinces.

In the last election in 2019, the ANC achieved its lowest margin of victory, winning 57.5 percent of the vote.

The official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) has come second in the past five elections.


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