Eyali Governor Wa Kampala kumulembe gwa Amin eyalisa abantu Sapatu afudde

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Abdallah Nassur the former Governor under former Ugandan President Idi Amin has died, Zenar Nassur the daughter says that her father died last night at Nakasero Hospital after battling a long illness.

Zenar adds that the body of Nassur is still at Nakasero Hospital where it will be picked up and transferred to Nakatonya village in Bombo town council, Luwero for burial at 4; 00 pm, According to the family, Lt Col Nassur has been battling pneumonia.

Osman Kassim the LCIII Chairperson of Bombo Town Council says that several residents and local leaders have started to gather at Nakatonya village to join the bereaved family to prepare for burial arrangements.

He however said that Nasur will be greatly missed for uplifting the Nubian community where he belonged, “He was among the few remaining Nubian elders who served in Amin’s community. We have indeed missed a pillar and devoted Muslim “ Kassim said.

Nasur was born in 1946 in Nakatonya village in Luwero District. Lt Col Nassur was a strong military leader during President Idi Amin’s rule when he served as Governor for Central and Karamoja provinces from January 1975 – 1979.

He attracted a negative reputation for his strict enforcement of the urban beautification campaign in Kampala city. It is alleged that he forced people to eat rubber sandals.

In 2021, he denied forcing people to eat rubber slippers and described it as blackmail, Nassur said that international human rights bodies investigated the allegations and found they were false.

In 1979 after Amin was overthrown, Lt Col Nassur fled to Kenya but he was arrested, extradited, and charged with the murder of the Mayor of Masaka, Francis Walugembe earlier on 21st September 1972, He was convicted by High Court in Kampala and sentenced to death.

In 2001, President Yoweri Museveni pardoned him. Since then he has been living low life at Nakatonya village in Bombo town where until his death, he was respected as a pillar of the Nubian community.


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