WAR! Spice Diana responds to Sheebah

Singer Namukwaya Hajjara also known as Spice Diana has responded to her long time enemy and competitor Sheebah Kalungi.

Sheebah and Spice Diana used to beef in their silence for so many years. Last year Sheebah tried to make things work out and made friendship with Spice.

But early this year, Spice Diana went to her Instagram and deleted all their photos on top of blocking Sheebah.

She didn’t give the exact reasons why she did so but ever since then the two Spice Diana and Sheebah attack each other through social media.

Days ago Spice Diana bragged about being the most followed musician in Uganda but Sheebah was quick to call her out on buying the views and following.

Spice Diana looks like she will never cease fire. She has also went on social media and replied to Sheebah.

According to Spice Diana, they always paint her as a bad girl but she is continuing to be successful and hot, She said she doesn’t understand why and how people don’t get tired of talking about her in a very negative way.

“Always ready for the smoke 💨
They be wondering why a bad gal be effortlessly hot and successful ☺️ even after painting her the bad gal


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