Why don’t you want to give women transport money? – Barbie asks the men

Barbie Kyagulanyi, the wife of politician and singer Bobi Wine, has wondered about the stinginess of men when it comes to sending transportation money to women they want to chew.

Barbie recounted that she overheard the conversation with a man who apparently wanted to get married. However, his bride’s family demanded Shs100,000 from him for the transportation of his wife.

The man wondered how he could trust them with his Shs100,000. Instead, he told them to borrow and if they delivered his wife, he would pay them back.

Barbie then wondered why men would not even give money for transportation to the women they want to marry. It is no longer the time when people like you were so sincere.

Most women today have made it their business to cheat men out of their money, and transportation money is the victim. They eat it up and either block you or stop taking your calls.

So instead of making two losses, both in food and money, they prefer to use their money and get it back after they reach it, or we lose both.


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