Video: Our landlord used to chew us in a 3sum every night – Kadama cries out

This world is so difficult and if you have somewhere you are and can get somewhere to sleep, then thank God for it, This is because a lot of people suffer to get something to eat and where to sleep.

And it gets even more difficult when you’re in a foreign land where everything is almost alien to you. If you happen to hit a dead end in such places, then you are bound to find life so difficult.

This was the case for this girl while working abroad. She revealed how she reached a point where rent became so difficult for her to raise.

She had nowhere to run to yet she had no rent. Her landlord gave her a choice of sleeping with him.

After refusing at first, she finally gave in because she had no other option. Later on, after he had chewed her left right, and center, he brought another girl which this one thought was coming to rent.

It was another woman this man was taking advantage of. He later brought a third and he would bonk all of them at night.

They did it not because they wanted but because of the situation as there was no other choice since it was even winter.


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