Oyo Bebe Cool tabelangako Musilamu (Moslem), tasiiba nakusiiba -King Saha Blasts Bebe Cool

Singer King Saha, otherwise known as Mansoor Ssemanda, has spoken out against his long-time enemy Bebe Cool, whose actual name is Moses Ssali, claiming that he is not a Muslim.

King Saha and Bebe Cool’s beef has been on for some years now. It started with Bebe Cool advising Saha to leave drugs something that Saha saw as an insult. Bebe didn’t stop that day, he continued with the drug story about up to this date.

As a husband, father and respected man in the community, King Saha said he thought Bebe Cool would advise him as an old person in a very private way. But since he failed, they all have a platform to speak. He took the beef to another level, he even did a song ‘Zakaayo’ dissing Bebe Cool. Whenever he gets an opportunity in the media, he uses it to attack his enemy.

Now according to Saha, Bebe Cool is not a Muslim and people should stop referring him to as that. He said some people call themselves Muslim names to just marry more than one wife but in reality, they don’t even know anything about the religion.

“Bebe Cool is not a Muslim and I wouldn’t want people to even call him that. Some people like him just call themselves Muslim names to marry more than one wife but nothing else,” he said.



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