Hon. Mukasa Mbidde was Officially Introduced By Lover Fiona in a Private GiveAway Ceremony in Muyenga

Prominent politician, lawyer, human-rights activist, mass communication specialist and motivational speaker Hon. Mukasa Mbidde has been officially intruduced by lover Fiona Nayebale to her parents in a private Ceremony. Here we have photo moments you missed.

Mr Emmanuel and Esther Tayebwa Rutamwebwa of Ankole gave away their beloved munyarwanda-munyankore daughter Phiona Nayebale to Hon Fred Mukasa Mbidde, the Vice President of the Democratic Party and former EALA member of Parliament representing Uganda.

At the function, Mbidde and Fiona were escorted by an entourage consisting of family and close friends from all spheres of life.

The event held at Afro Park Hotel, Muyenga attracted both international and regional diplomats and famous tycoons.

Also, the event attracted top politicians like former EALA Speaker Martin Ngoga, Haruna Kasolo the State Minister for Microfinance,

Hon Nobert Mao the DP President dubbed Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs, and Uganda’s EALA MP Hon. Siranda Blacks Gerald.

It should be remembered that initially, Mukasa Mbidde was married toBukomansimbi Woman Member of Parliament Susan Namaganda, who unfortunately succumbed on 11th December 2015.


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