Nze omwana wange bwagya n’angamba nti agenda kukola MDD e Makerere mugamba ezo ssente genda ozikolemu akatale k’ebyenyanja – Bebe Cool

Singer Bebe Cool has come out to defend his recent statement that his Physics, Chemistry, and Math (PCM) A-level combination is better than Bobi Wine’s MDD diploma.

Bebe Cool caused a stir online a week back when he revealed that it’s laughable for someone who has a diploma in Music, Dance and Drama to think he can be academically better than a person who did PCM at ‘A’ Level.

On Wednesday this week, Bebe Cool shed light on his recent divulgence, maintaining that he is academically better than Bobi Wine.

Bebe further stated that only persons who attended school could comprehend the PCM and MDD debate.

He stressed that if one of his children came to him with a desire to pursue an MDD program at University, as a parent, he would simply advise them to spend that money to launch a fish-selling enterprise.

However, if a kid doing PCM tells him five times they are repeating a class, he would give them the money unconditionally.


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