READ: How Police rescued 2-year-old boy from pit latrine

On Saturday (29th April 2023) at 12:31 Pm, the territorial Police at Lubowa received a report from Mukooza Micheal, a 60-year-old male, who reported that his neighbour’s 2-year-old child, named Mukisa Simon, had fallen into a pit latrine.

Upon receiving the report, a team of police officers from Lubowa Police Station, led by the O/C Station, immediately responded to the scene along with a team of fire prevention and rescue services. Upon arrival, they found the child stuck in the pit latrine and in urgent need of rescue.

The police and fire Prevention and rescue team quickly devised a rescue plan and managed to pull the child out of the pit latrine safely. The child was alive but required urgent medical attention. The team rushed him to Kiruddu Hospital for treatment.

The Lubowa Police Station has since launched an investigation into the incident and will work with relevant authorities to ensure that such incidents are prevented in the future.

This incident highlights the importance of timely reporting of emergencies and the critical role played by the police and fire brigade in providing emergency response and rescue services.


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