Chameleone’s mother Prossy Mayanja Reunites Pallaso and David Lutalo

The Mayanjas’ mother Mrs. Prossy Mayanja reunited her son Pallaso with the Hares singer David Lutalo. While appearing in an interview with BBS TV recently,

David Lutalo heaped praise on King Saha for being hardworking musically and advised Pallaso and Ziza Bafana to pull up their socks.

David Lutalo’s advice, however, didn’t settle well with Pallaso who had no kind words for the former in retaliation. Over the weekend, however, the two singers linked up at Jose Chameleone’s surprise birthday celebrations.

It is here that Mrs. Prossy Mayanja took it upon herself to reconcile the two singers and cautioned them against disrespecting each other.

Pallaso and David Lutalo then hugged each other as a sign of making peace before cheekily claiming that the media was to blame for their disagreements.


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