“I convinced her to date a Sudanese boy who had money so that we could take money from him Unfortunately, the girl fell for the boy” Pr. Andrew Jjengo Says Heartbreak Led Him to Christianity

Man of God has narrated his path to Christianity at a young age, catalyzed by a painful experience. The pastor who disclosed he wanted nothing to do with God and church when young said he had a girlfriend in school.

Andrew Jjengo revealed many children in that school came from well-to-do backgrounds and hence had a lot of money.

“I convinced her to date a Sudanese boy who had money so that we could take money from him while we still dated on the side. Unfortunately, the girl fell for the boy and claimed that she wanted to keep both of us as her boyfriends,” he narrated to NTV Uganda.

It pained him that what began as a cunning plan ended in a serious relationship between his girlfriend and the other boy.

Jjengo, the senior pastor of the Revival Church Ministries in Kawaala, Uganda, could not share his girlfriend with another boy and opted out of what would have been a love triangle.

“The heartbreak I experienced from that relationship led me to the path of God. One day, my ex-girlfriend entered the classroom with her new boyfriend. As I tried to avoid looking at them by pretending to read, I came across a book about God before me,” she disclosed.

That was the onset of his journey with the Lord Jesus Christ as he embraced salvation and righteousness.

The heir of the late Pastor Augustine ‘Abizayo’ Yiga did not know he would become a pastor until an opportunity presented itself.

“I began pastoring as a joke when my father invited someone to lead the congregation, but that person was delayed. I asked my father what he would give me if I went to the pulpit, and he offered me KSh 36,000. I decided to take the opportunity and went up on stage,” he vividly recalled.


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