Spice Diana Asks Why Relationships Ends When Women Cheat But Not When Men Do

Musician Hajarah Namukwaya aka Spice Diana has come out to wonder why a relationship ends when a woman cheats. The singer through her social media handles asked her fans why this is so.

A relationship is not dealt a massive blow when a woman commits adultery. However, when it is a woman, the incident is most of the time shoveled under the ground. And everything returns to normal.

“When a man cheats, the relationship continues, but when a woman cheats, the relationship ends. How true is this? What causes this yet both are wrongs,”the singer questioned.

Well, her fans had some answers for her in regard to her question. Some pointed out that women attach emotions while cheating, unlike men. Others said that women are more in numbers than men, so it’s just trying to serve everyone.

“When a woman cheats, she uses her feelings, and it’s rare for them to look back. But men after hunting for sex come back for peace,” said one of her followers.

“Women are more in number than men implying that it should be a man to date a number of women he can take care. So if a man picks u(a woman) from many loitering ones, there’s no need to move out for other men that can cause chaos in the relationship,” said another.

Well, it’s true that when men cheat, the relationship has more chances of survival. This is unlike if it’s the women cheating.

The instant a man knows that his woman slept with another man, the relationship is as good as a dead one. This could hugely be down to ego and insecurity on the men’s side.

A man doesn’t want to think that probably another man could have been better than him on his woman. But well the factors are so many.


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