“I see something special inside him that needs nurturing” Mesach Semakulaon Why he likes Alien Skin

Semakula, in a recent media interview, said that while Skin is not his favorite artiste, there is something about him that makes him impressive.

“It’s not that he is my favorite, but I like him because I see something special inside him that needs nurturing,” said Semakula.

“And the fact that he rose from the ghetto despite the challenges to reach where he is… he is very smart when you look at how he responds to questions… he doesn’t shame people… I find his lifestyle amusing.” Skin, real name Patrick Mulwana, has become an internet sensation because of his bombasticness.

He recently revealed that he was raised by a single mother and he dropped out of school at a young age. He claimed that the reason for dropping out was because he had seen a number of uninspiring village-mates with university degrees.

He tried a number of things to earn a living, including riding Boda Boda before settling for music. His friends and relatives had been encouraging him for a while, including D.J. Eric Pro, his elder brother, but he had been reluctant.

According to reports, Alien Skin started singing in 2017 as an underground rapper in the ghetto but began dropping jams regularly in 2019.

His single titled Tulabise, which was released in 2021, played a big role in spotlighting him after it was embraced by TikTokers as they danced and sang to it.

After dropping Tonkaka and Sitya Danger in 2022, he got the attention of key influencers in the industry.



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