KITALO!! Owa Police akubye Money lender omuyindi amasasi agamutiddewo, emundu ajisudde ku CPS naduka

A yet to be identified gunman has shot and killed an Indian businessman at Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala.

The shooter is said to have fled the scene of the crime after the incident. He was said to either be a security guard or a police officer.

The incident happened at Yako Bank, a microfinance institution located at Raja Chambers. The deceased, identified by some as Uttam Bandari, was a money lender working with the institution.

Police have since cordoned off the scene as officers seek clues they hope to use to trail the shooter and understand his motive.

Some reports, which were yet to be verified by police, suggested that the gunman had had disagreements with the money lender on a loan he was having a lot of trouble paying back.

This is the third shooting in just two weeks, coming on the heels of a shooting of a Museveni minister by his bodyguard and that of vlogger Isma Olaxes aka Jajja Iculi.


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