Uganda Needs To Be Reset, You Cannot Have People Protecting You Yet They Are Living A Miserable Life – Besigye On Insecurity…

Four time candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye insists that they have to demonstrate because Uganda as a country needs to be reset.

Besigye made these remarks while appearing on DigiTalk yesterday where he noted that they are in a time where the whole country is angry because of the situation people are in.

“You cannot be hungry and be happy, so the whole country is angry and this has been there for a long time. That is why I said that those who have what to eat put enough security there.

Look at the Ministers who have convoys and everything they need, they can’t even make stopovers on traffic lights because they fear the hungry people outside,” he said.

Besigye further trashed President Museveni’s statements on Police officers serving the country without allowances insisting that State House renovation took over $60m and yet President Museveni wants people he came with from the bush to stay in huts as it rains on them because they are serving the country.

“We must understand that there are two things, for one to enter the military, you must even do interviews like other public servants. So in public service there are military services but yet all of you are public servants and therefore have terms of service.

So you can’t say that for military, their services must remain like those of long ago during the bush who used not to get money.”

Dr. Besigye contended that President Museveni is so wrong to think that the military of Uganda can be like the one he led in the bush.

He contended that the current military is also led by the laws that govern the country and are paid by the country.

He divulged, “You can’t say that a policeman will do national service all his life. It is wrong and it is dangerous for the country. A policeman is supposed to get terms of service that are equal to his responsibilities. If you (Museveni) cannot handle having as many military as they are, leave them because it’s not about you but rather the country.

“And those are some of the things that have led to the killings we are now seeing. The policemen at work are so badly off, it’s like they are not employed. If only you would see how they sleep and how their families are surviving. What has brought tension is that you cannot have people protecting you and yet miserable with life.

“That is why I am requesting as early as possible even before the security officers think of doing anything we need a reset. The Museveni regime needs to be removed and we start afresh.”

He furthermore emphasized that they have to demonstrate like it or not, insisting that it begins with everyone.

“We cannot save the country and yet the people who are in power are still there. We shall not remove them through an organised election, that won’t happen, that is a waste of time, why wait for 2026 and yet the situation can be saved from now.”

Besigye’s statements follow tension that has been caused in the capital of Kampala where a number of people have been gunned down by security operatives in a very short period of time which situation has been attributed to the poor standards of living of security operatives.

The latest incident happened on Friday when Uttam Bhandari, an Indian national was gunned down a policeman at Yako Bank along Parliamentary Avenue, a Kampala suburb.

This was in the heels of the killing of renowned blogger Isma Olaxes who was shot dead by unknown assailants. His murder came after the shooting of former State Minister for defence, Engola Okello Charles who was also shot by his body guard Pvt. Sabiiti.


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