Another security guard shoots colleague dead following a disagreement

A private security guard has been apprehended by police on Wednesday in Tororo District of eastern Uganda, after he is thought to have committed murder by shooting and killing another guard employed by the same firm. This incident adds to the steady rise of gun-related violence in the country.

On Wednesday, 27- year- old John Okudi, a security guard employed by Saracen (U) Ltd, was allegedly shot by his colleague Moses Okedi. This was after the two had a disagreement while stationed in the senior quarters of Amagoro Central ward in Tororo

Adam Kimuli, the Assistant Superintendent of Police and District Police Commander (DPC), verified the shooting and reported that police were successful in apprehending the suspect with the cooperation of a security guard, Ejumu Robert, who was working the day shift on Wednesday

“We have taken two security guards into custody in our cells in connection to the same murder; according to Ejumu, who is also being held, it was Okedi who shot his colleague after a quarrel between them. ASP Kimuli informed us of this”

Related: This source has found that Okudi and Okedi were assigned to work the night shift. The victim was carrying a club, whereas the suspect had a gun.

Adikini Opoya, a nearby neighbour, informed the police that she heard an argument between the two security guards in a language she did not understand, then a gunshot.

“She recounted that it was Wednesday morning around 7:30am when she heard a conversation in Ateso, though she was unable to make out what was being said. A gunshot followed, and then there was silence.” she said.

The DPC was informed by her and they quickly arrived at the location with some other investigators, however, they discovered one of the guards had passed away. Mr Kevin Mwambu, the assistant area manager at Saracen, Tororo branch, affirmed the two guards were very close

We had not anticipated that the two of them would come to the point of shooting at each other, given they were friends. Even on Tuesday night when they were sent off, they were still sharing a meal together, the witness said.

The Right Reverend Wilberforce Owor of Dynamic Bible Church Ministries ascribed the frequent gun shootings to substance abuse.

He suggested that counseling sessions occur on a regular basis before the deployment of armed officers due to the fact that some of them are experiencing frustration.

It had been a week when, on May 13, 2023, another guard working at Capital Guards and Patrol, a private security agency, killed a fellow employee in the house they were staying in at Kalule Zone, Lukuli Parish, Makindye Division, before Okudi’s death

At approximately 12:30pm on Saturday, a dispute between John Mujumbi (age 25) and his roommate Peter Ochoroi (age 26) ended with Mujumbi, a security guard employed by Capital Guards and Patrol, being shot by Ochoroi. The two were employed by the same security company and were staying in a shared rental property that had been organized by their boss.


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