Daxx Kartel Opens Up About Why Momo 19 Has Not Yet Given Birth for Him

With much pressure rising from the public asking why singer Daxx Kartel’s wife Momo 19 has failed to give birth for him after all these years, he has opened up and narrated what is exactly is wrong.

Speaking out in an interview with BBS Telefayina, Daxx Kartel opened up saying that all this is by choice and not what people are assuming.

Daxx Kartel notes that he agreed with Momo19 not to give birth early for their own good despite facing increasing pressure from the public.

“Nze ne mukyala wange tuli bulungi, ffe obutazaala baana mangu kye kintu kye twasalawo okukola, kinyuma okusalawo nga abaagalana obutakola bintu bimu nga temusinziira ku puleesa eva mu bantu.”-Dax Kartel said in Luganda.

Daxx Kartel and Momo 19 have been together for years and even though they have had bumps along the way, they always get back together.


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