Don Zella remembers husband’s death as daughter is set to graduate

Socialite and dedicated mother Nalongo Sheila Don Zella is remembering the death of her husband Junten. He died in 2021 while in Dubai where he was working. But he was buried in the United States of America by Don Zella and his family.

The late husband was the biological father of Don Zella’s two older children and a foster father of the last-born Britton. Every child would love to have both parents witness every achievement of their lives. Especially birthdays and graduation plus other big events.

Don Zella’s second born is graduating from elementary school to middle school and she asked the mother what would happen if the father was still alive.

This question left Don Zella very emotional writing a Facebook post on how she feels about everything. Despite being the only parent, she said she will not stop fighting to make sure her children are having the best future.

My daughter is graduating this Friday from elementary school to middle school  my emotions are are high & sooo overwhelmed .she was saying I wish dad was here mum ,question ? mum what do you think dad would have said or done if he was here tears rolling down my eyes  am like ov course he would be proud of you Briella  I try to keep strong and stay positive to help other moms out there but sometimes it’s beyond my understanding I can’t answer all the questions 

My Briella you have done soo well and you are an amazing  smart kid ,dad is not here with us but his here in spirit but I will always be here no matter what in all steps of way ‼ she say please don’t cry am like no it’s tears of joy  she say please don’t scream for me it’s embarrassing  am like yes I won’t .of course I will scream  and I will cry  being a mother is the most sweetest thing in the world we get to prepare these  kids for the future ‼ but doing it alone is even the hardest bakyala omutima gunuma it’s always a struggle to grieve but Allah bwatyo bweyagera am just soo  emotional  from birthday to graduation from graduation to driving school kwegamba am overwhelmed I need a big hug  and shoulder to learn on some days are harder than others but I pray  grieving is never easy especially when I’m diaspora,” Don Zella posted


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