Here’s How Museveni’s State House Will Spend Shs454 Billion Budget Next Financial Year

Uganda’s State House will spend its Shs 454 billion budget on 20 items in the next financial year (FY 2023-2024). A breakdown of these items indicates where the official residence of Uganda’s President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni will spend how much.

At Shs 137 billion, presidential donations will take the lion’s share of the budget. This is the money the president dishes out at functions he attends and in pledges, some of which spend years to be fulfilled. The president spends this money as he deems fit, giving whatever amount to whoever he wants.

This will be followed by classified expenditure at Shs 120.1 billion. This is money whose expenditure State House does not want the public to know for reasons such as those to do with the security of the president and members of his family.

Apart from donations and classified expenditures, the rest of the items fall below Shs 100 billion. The third most expensive item is an inland item. Ugandan taxpayers will spend Shs 73.4 billion to facilitate inland travel for the president and those with whom he occupies the State House.

Casual or temporary staff will be paid a total of Shs 28 billion while permanent State House staff will be paid a total of Shs 25 billion. In total, Shs 53 billion will be spent on salaries and wages of workers at the official residence of the Ugandan head of State.

Vehicle maintenance will cost Shs 11 billion while Shs 15 billion will be spent on the improvement of buildings. Agriculture supplies will cost Shs 7.8 billion while Veterinary supplies will cost Shs 184 million.

State House will also spend Shs 6.5 billion on special meals and drinks while Welfare and entertainment will cost Shs 3.3 billion.

Up to Shs 2.7 billion will be spent on light vehicle acquisition, Shs 2.2 billion on travel abroad while Shs 2 billion will go towards aircraft improvement

Staff medical expenses will cost Shs 654 million, furniture and other fittings Shs 600 million; while books, periodicals, and newspapers will cost Shs 500 million.

Electricity will cost Shs 500 million, water Shs 500 million and beddings, clothes and footwear will cost Shs 350 million.

Shs 137billion – donations

Shs 120.1 billion – classified expenditure

Inland travel – Shs 73.4 billion

Casual or temporary staff – Shs 28 billion

State House staff – Shs 25 billion

Vehicle maintenance – Shs 11 billion

Shs 15 billion – improvement of buildings

Agriculture supplies – Shs 7.8 billion

State House special meals and drinks – Shs 6.5 billion

Welfare and entertainment – Shs 3.3 billion

Shs 2.7 billion – light vehicle acquisition

Travel abroad – Shs 2.2 billion

aircraft improvement – Shs 2 billion

Staff medical expenses – Shs 654 million

Furniture and other fittings – Shs 600 million

Books, periodicals and newspapers – Shs 500 million

Electricity – Shs 500 million

Water – Shs 500 million

Beddings, clothes and foot wear – Shs 350 million

Veterinary supplies – Shs 184 million

You can read our story on how the issue of dressing the president of a poor country left some shocked after learning of the huge amount of money State House wants to buy Museveni’s clothes, beddings and shoes.

In 2022, an MP left his colleagues laughing after he asked if Museveni and his wife eat a whole cow every day. This was after State House asked for Shs677bn to be spent on the president and his wife in just one year.


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