Singer Jamie Culture’s mental health has deteriorated

Things don’t look good at all for singer Jamie Culture as his mental situation keeps on decorating with each day that goes by. And now things look to be far worse.

The Nakazadde singer is completely retarded and detached from reality. He walks around carrying a metallic case and other things completely showing that he’s mentally sick.


His statements don’t connect at all. It should be noted that his situation became worse in 2021. However, he was taken to rehab but things have now escalated.

Some think that it is drugs that have gotten to this situation. However, others say that it’s traditional spirits from his ancestral home bothering him.

And if there is anything to be treated to the singer, traditional means should be the way to go.

Sadly his situation isn’t given the urgency and swiftness that it needs from his family and fellow singers.

The singer is without a doubt one of the most talented singers and songwriters if his era.


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