Hadija Kigozi and Full Figure have become embroiled in a bitter feud after fullfigure slammed bloggers and YouTubers as trash

YouTuber, Hadija Kigozi has bitterly fallen out with Jennifer Nakangubi aka Full Figure after the presidential advisor trashed bloggers and YouTubers, branding them rubbish.

After the death of Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi, there were a lot of words especially from the YouTubers and bloggers as some didn’t know what to do next since they were depending on the late for content.

Those who the late Jajja Iculi was giving content, took advantage of his funeral and got content. Some even visited Mutabuliki (Jajja Iculi’s dad) for interviews.

This angered Full Figure and vowed never to give interviews to YouTubers and bloggers accusing them of having no loyalty.

In an interview with Jenkins Mukasa, Full Figure attacked Hadija Kigozi, saying she is not appreciative. She said Sula Motors gives her money but cuts his adverts in her YouTube content.

The self-proclaimed general said some times Hadija passes Sula Motors with all sorts of excuses and asks for money.

When Full Figure’s ranting landed in Hadija’s ears, the YouTuber got angry and hit back. She branded Full Figure an illiterate who moves with Hamis Kiggundu’s book but can’t read and internalize it.

Hadija revealed that Full Figure is jealous and that every time she would host the late Jajja Iculi or Wisdom Kaye, she would rant.

Hadija further revealed that she was tired of Full Figure coming with all sorts of rubbish and advertise for free on her YouTube channel.

She has deleted all Full Figure’s videos off her YouTube channel and wondered where she will be advertising.

Hadija said Full Figure’s problem came after she saw the late Muzaata’s widow, Kluthum being successful on her YouTube channel.


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