MC Kats silikusonyiwa wasinga silimu (HIV AIDS) kati mbonabona – Bambi Faith alimumaziga

Media personality Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats has spoken about infecting slay queen Faith with HIV. The two were seeing each other at one point in life and even Faith recorded herself after sleeping wit MC Kats.

She posted it on social media and people wondered why she was doing that. Little did she know that she was exposing herself to HIV.

Few years down the road, someone found Faith walking around and her life was at stake. She was smiling but she was looking very sick. Someone recording her asked her what the problem was but she couldn’t say anything about it.

Now that MC Kats watched the video, he has also given his part of the story. He tweeted on social media about Faith saying he is ready to help her.

At first he said he wishes he had tested earlier, it would have helped some how some where.

But right now he has nothing to do apart from getting Faith and making her start medicine to redeem her life.

“Alot of queistions ran thru my head for years
When i Tested HIV Postive Who When Why All this couldnot reverse or Change anything. Anybody in contact with Faith plse Dm me Piontin figures never Heals or Solves anything,” MC Kats posted.


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