I am going to teach you a lesson to stop being a thief like your husband, Sipapa– Abitex To Serena Bata

The battle between singer Serena Bata and her former manager, Abbey Musinguzi of Abitex Promotions keeps on getting heated every now and then.

The veteran music promoter has now vowed to teach Serena Bata a lesson so that she stops being a thief like her ex, Sipapa.

Abitex vowed to sell everything that he has in order to deal with Serena Bata mercilessly.

On the allegations from the singer that he didn’t pay her house and car, Abitex said that he only gave these to her as his musician.

Renting her a house and giving her a car didn’t mean he had bought them for her. They were simply there to ease life for the musician.

Furthermore, the promoter said that he pumped over Shs 300m into her career. However, he got nothing back and that is why he is prepared to go all the way to teach the Rukundo singer a lesson.

“How can she say I didn’t pay her rent? How can I inject 300m shillings in your career and fail to pay rent for Shs 500,000. I want her to know that by the way I had neither bought the house nor the car for her.

It was just to ease her life. Imagine in the 2 years I spent with her, we didn’t do even like 10 concerts. We spent most of the time on TV trying to build her career because it was washed away by then.

I’m willing to sell everything to teach her a lesson. She will stop being a thief like her husband, Sipapa,” said Abitex.

It should be recalled that Serena Bata signed a 2-year contract with Abitex Promotions in 2020. In November 2022, the singer commenced performing on shows without her management’s clearance.

This forced Abitex to invoke the contract. Serena Bata was instructed to stop performing the songs done under Abitex Promotions. She refused, forcing Abitex to sue her and now wants Shs 750m from her in breach of the contract.



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