READ Faridah Nakazibwe’s Advice On Avoiding Depression

NTV Uganda news anchor and presenter Faridah Nakazibwe has revealed one way to fight depression. She said one has to stop being insensitive in his or her actions on a daily basis. The TV show host made this statement amidst fellow media personality MC Kats’ situation with ex-Faith.

In Uganda, social media has turned out to be so toxic. Users don’t care about what they say or comment about. It is not their concern that their comments can affect someone and even lead them into depression and much stress.

Ms. Faridah is one of the victims who is often attacked on social media. She has learned to reply to some of the comments and leave others. According to her, all people will be depressed if they don’t stop being insensitive in their actions.

One has to think about something they are going to do or the decision they are going to make. If not, they will find themselves in a situation they will not be able to control.

“We shall all be depressed until we all stop being insensitive in our actions,” Faridah Nakazibwe tweeted.

This is what happened to MC Kats’ ex Faith. When she was exposing their affair to the public, she thought she was hurting Fille the baby mama.

Unfortunately, all her actions are now haunting her as she is going through the ugly phase of her life. Depressed and looked like she has been sick for so many years.



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