Wilson Bugembe and Judith Babirye’s reunion in Canada is friends-reunion goals

City Pastor Wilson Bugembe and gospel singer Judith Babirye have reunited in Canada in a series of  warm and affectionate exchanges. Bugembe and a few Ugandan artists traveled to Canada to perform including Geosteady, and Nandujja, among others. Babirye, who is currently living in North America, welcomed Bugembe in a heartwarming exchange.

The two faith leaders seem to have kept their friendship over time and distance apart. They excitedly move toward each other singing Bugembe’s song “Ensonga” and clapping before falling into an embrace.

Bugembe goes on to greet Babirye calling her “Honourable” while he gets a pet name, “Musu” short for “Musumba” (pastor), in return. Babirye is dressed in a blue  glittering gown

as she explains to Bugembe that she did not desert Uganda, rather, she is following God’s orders. The Nansana-based pastor jokingly accuses the gospel songstress of abandoning them (Christians) in Uganda and choosing to live in Canada.

However, Babirye says the Bible tells them that the gospel should be spread to the end of the earth, something she’s currently doing. She lauds Bugembe for holding down the fort back in Uganda.

The two then share another embrace this time accompanied with exchanges of ‘I love you’. Reactions Wilson Bugembe and Judith Babirye reunite in warm exchange and affectionate words/Instagram

Bugembe then shares his excitement for Babirye’s performance while she returns the compliment. We share in his compliment even though we couldn’t get a glimpse of the performance which Uganda has not seen in a long time.

Levixone commented on the video  which has attracted over 800 views at the time of this publication, saying “This was soooo lovely 🔒.”

Bugembe captioned the video showing the exchange saying, “Judith Babirye 😇my sister from another mother. Good afternoon family. Have a good day. God bless you.”

So maybe reunions aren’t that bad. If you find that they are, remember this exchange between Bugembe and Babirye for some comfort.



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