I am the biggest tourist attraction– Jose Chameleone

Legendary singer Jose Chameleone has proudly declared himself as one of the foremost highlights of Uganda and East Africa’s music scene, asserting that he holds the status of an outstanding tourist attraction.

During the launch of the Explore North campaign, Chameleone acknowledged Uganda’s abundance of breathtaking physical tourist attractions. However, he firmly proclaimed himself as the paramount music star.

“When it comes to music, I am the biggest tourist attraction. Nevertheless, Uganda boasts an array of other tourism marvels, including national parks, waterfalls, and rivers,” Chameleone said at the event.

The singer further claimed that he garners the attention of countless individuals who travel from various countries specifically to witness his performances.

Having dominated the music industry for more than two decades, the singer declared that he has transcended the status of a mere celebrity.

“Without any guidance, I managed to rise to the pinnacle of success. Even in an era saturated with numerous platforms and media avenues to become a superstar, I have emerged as the unrivalled best,” Chameleone said.


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