“Temuddamu kungeza kubadongo bamwe abambala hips n’obubina” Haffy Powers Has No Kind Words For Critics Claiming She Wears Artificial Bums

BBS TV host Haffy Powers real name Hasifa Nabbanja has no kind words for critics suggesting she wears artificial hindquarters and hips.

It is with no doubt that Haffy Powers is one of the most well-endowed media personalities the industry has ever produced.

But over time, some detractors have suggested that Haffy’s figure is the result of plastic surgery, while others have asserted that she wears fake buttocks to enhance her appearance.

However, a few days back, Haffy Powers dispelled the rumors in a lengthy Facebook post where she urged critics to stop comparing to other women who wear artificial bums and hips.

Haffy revealed that she is grateful to God that he took his time while creating her and her parents breastfed and raised her well.


She added that she is contented that even if she wasn’t blessed with the body she has now, she wouldn’t have opted for artificial remedies to enhance her beauty.

“Temuddamu kungeza kubadongo bamwe abambala hips n’obubina, some of us we thank the Almighty Allah that he took his time creating us, ateh era naawa bazadde baffe ekisa nebatuyonsa era nebatuliisa, we all not that desperate ba dear, newenadibadde baawo line, nga ntya Allah sandiyambadde kabina.

For those that know me, they know how content i am, siri kwata mukizigo, sirikola BBL or any plastic surgery. If i want to keep my good body, will always choose natural ways like exercise and dieting.

So y’all desperate idiots who grew up without love, learn to understand that we were created differently and always thank God for all that he gave you, people are struggling for oxygen and you cant appreciate yourself! Nonsense😏.”

Haffy Powers



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