“We were at a restaurant,” Kato Lubwama’s close friend narrates his final moments

Ddumba Julius, a close friend of the late comedian Kato Lubwama, has shared details of Lubwama’s final moments before his unexpected death.

According to Ddumba, who was a business partner with Lubwama at Noise Media UG, the former Rubaga South MP was full of energy shortly before the tragic incident occurred.

Ddumba recounted that they were spending time together at a popular eating spot in Mutundwe when, around midnight, Lubwama asked him to start the car so they could head home. However, Ddumba noticed a sudden decline in Lubwama’s health and sensed that something was wrong.

Concerned about his friend’s condition, Ddumba immediately drove Lubwama to Stana Medical Center in Bunamwaya, a facility where Lubwama often received regular checkups.

Unfortunately, Lubwama’s condition deteriorated upon their arrival. Ddumba took the initiative to call for an ambulance in order to transfer Lubwama to Mulago Hospital.

Tragically, when Ddumba returned to the room after making the call, he discovered that doctors were already shrouding Lubwama’s body, indicating his sudden passing.

Ddumba revealed that he and Lubwama had planned to shoot advertisements on the day of his passing, and all the necessary arrangements had been made.

He mentioned that Lubwama’s body is currently at Mulago Hospital awaiting a postmortem examination before being handed over to Uganda Funeral Service.

Furthermore, Ddumba shared that Lubwama had expressed his burial wishes, stating that he wanted his body to be taken to the National Theater and for multiple bands to perform live during the ceremony.

The shocking news of Lubwama’s demise has left many in the entertainment industry grieving. Prominent figures and top acts continue to mourn the passing of Kato Lubwama.


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