“BAMBI MUNSONYIWE” Bad Black Yetondedde Dr. Kulthum nomwamiwe Akram Gumisiriza

S elf-proclaimed president of Ugandan prostitutes, Bad Black real name Namuyimbwa Shanita has finally apologized to Dr. Kulthum and her husband  Gumisiriza Akram

This came after she attacked the couple on social media calling them all the nasty words and saying they are school dropouts.

Hajjat Kulthum didn’t respond to Bad Black but her husband did. The fact that Kulthum was included, she decided to run to police to report Bad Black for harassing her on social media.

Ms Black also went to police and reported the same case. She went ahead and revealed that she is ready for court and her lawyers are doing the needful.

However, a few days after reporting, Bad Black and her boyfriend decided to flee the country. They went to Nairobi in order to avoid being arrested.

She posted on social media that she is not ready for jail at the moment because she served so many years in the case of embezzlement.

Dr. Kulthum meanwhile forgave her and told her to return to the country because her family especially the children need her.

Bad Black was happy to be forgiven. She immediately apologized and promised to meet Dr. Kulthum any time soon.

“Hajjati, Alhamdulillah nsaba Allah atusasissire. Me too I apologize for strong words I used against you due to anger management. I have forgiven Mr Akram for everything he said against my man …. Stay blessed … If I’m in Kampala bulungi nyo genda kunoonyako,”she posted.


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