KITALO!! Alien Skin allegedly survives being assassinated in the city

Yesterday saw musicians Alien Skin and Pallaso take to the city centre to drum support for their concerts scheduled for tomorrow at different venues.

It was however the Sitya Danger singer who held the headlines. Alien Skin had a mammoth of people around him.

One would think that it was either a top notch politician like Bobi Wine or a big singer like Bobi Wine in the city.

One of the fans of the singer who qas moving around with him alleged that an unknown gunman almost shot Alien Skin.

According to this individual, this anonymous man came with an AK47 and started shooting into the air around Alien Skin’s entourage but luckily for the Tonkaka singer, no one was hurt.

Tomorrow is surely going to be a bug day for either artists as both of them have a point to prove but more especially for the Bareke Abo singer as he’s the big dog in this situation and a lot of preparations have gone into his concert.


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