Museveni asangidwa nakawuka ka COVID-19, agenze Nakasongola kweyawulamu

The president, who has been insistent on adhering to COVID-19 standard operating protocols even after the World Health Organisation said the pandemic was no longer a threat to the world, was diagnosed with COVID-19 after exhibiting minor flu-like symptoms, according to Dr. Diana Atwine, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health, who confirmed the development on Wednesday night.

She said that the president, who is in good health, is carrying out his duties and following protocol, which includes keeping a distance from social gatherings.

On June 7, 2023, the President had a COVID-19 positive test result. After experiencing moderate flu-like symptoms, something happened. However, he is in good health and continues to carry out his tasks normally while following SOPs,” a tweet from Atwine on Wednesday evening read.

The president disclosed that he was a suspect in the COVID-19 attack when giving his State of the Nation speech on Wednesday.

Therefore, I have secluded myself at Nakasero and have given the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabanjja, responsibility for today and tomorrow (Heroes’ Day in Luwero),” Museveni’s tweet on Thursday, June 8 2023.

Remember when I had vocal problems twice during the election? It is a component of the allergy. Thus, I have received the second forced leave in the 53 years since we began the battle against Idi Amin. Another occasion was when I had sinus issues and had to be inactive for a few days at Mweya, he continued in his tweet on Thursday,” his tweet further read.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health permanent secretary, Dr. Diana Atwine, revealed in a tweet that the President had tested positive for COVID-19.


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