KAWEDEMU!!! Hajjati akubye boyfriend we empi kumatama ku stage ya Boda Boda

If they say that fear women, just adhere to that motto and also men are really good people. One incident to confirm this is one Hajjati who shamed her man at a boda boda stage in Kampala.

This Hajjati found this man called Ibra at a stage in Kampala and grabbed him by the collar. She revealed how she hasn’t been eating yet she’s pregnant with his baby.

This woman roughed up the man in the public like he was a thug. Despite all this provocation, the man didn’t retaliate or try to hit her.

He only pleaded and argued with her to let him go so that he can walk by himself. She argued that she’s not letting him go because it has taken her a lot of hustle to find him.

It was the other men around who commended him for his patience and lack of anger because if it was them, this woman would have already been down knocked out.

All attempts by those around to reign peace between the pair proved futile as the woman wasn’t ready to let him go as she vowed to go back with him because she’s not ready to shoulder his pregnancy responsibilities.


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