Fans threw bottles at Big Eye Starboss during Alien Skin’s concert

Singer Big Eye pelted with Bottles at Alien Skin’s Sitya Danger Concert happening now at Freedom City. Big Eye has been facing this problem for so many years. It started when he joined politics and started showing the person he supports.

Obviously he wasn’t supporting a fellow singer Bobi Wine, he was supporting the president of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of the ruling party. Fans were not happy with him and they started punishing him refusing him to perform at any stage.

But he tried to apologize to his fans saying he will not be able to join politics anymore. He said he is now focused on his career and producing good music.

Fans forgave him and he has been performing so well not until today when unruly fans decided to beat him again. He didn’t manage to even perform any song because fans didn’t give him any chances.


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