“Let’s first finish the Love Fest I will show you”Weasel Promises To Teach Bad Black A Lesson

Musician Weasel Manizo is not happy with comments made by faded socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black and has promised to teach her an unforgettable lesson. This is after Bad Black dissed Weasel indirectly as a faded artiste.

She said that since Alien Skin was staged against Pallaso, they will stage Champion Gudo who is about 10-12 years against Weasel in case he puts up a concert.

This was meant to indirectly mean that the Goodlyf singer fell off and is in the same category as the official bouncer of the Tonkaka singer.

“We are now waiting for Weasel Manizo to organize and we also stage Champion Gudo at Namboole. The beef has to go further,”said Bad Black.

This was not taken in good spirit by the Ebyana singer. He told the ex convict that when they (Mayanjas) stand up for themselves, they are deemed violent. However, he promised to deal with her once his younger brother, Pallaso’s concert is over.

“OK Bad Black, when we stand up, mbu we are violent. Let’s first finish the LoveFest,” Weasel threatened.

Social media users were quick to remind Bad Black that the Mayanjas are good at beating women especially Weasel. And therefore, she should be cautious. It seems that Bad Black is a real definition of ‘Sitya Danger’ just like Alien Skin’s famous song.

This is because her comments come just after she bowed and apologized to Hajjati Kulthum and her husband, Akram. It was after they threatened to sue her for abusive language and defamation.

For Weasel, he was in the news last year after he thumped his baby mama, Sandra Teta to pulp. Although the two reconciled, the singer nonetheless carries around a negative image as an abusive partner.


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