Gravity Omutujju reveals how Spice Diana used to over beg him

It seems like singer Gravity Omutujju is not one you want to make secrets with and the later rub the wrong way because he will expose everything of yours.

Appearing on the Deep Talk with Mr Henrie, the Okwepicha singer said that he used to stay far away from Spice Diana years ago when she was still a rising artist.

Apparently he used to ignore her as she would disturb him begging for collabos. He added that she did exactly what she had done to Bebe Cool going around asking for collabos.

And for his case, he qas friends with her manager, Roger. Even appearing in her Ndi Mu Love video in 2018 was because of Roger and not being friends with the Siri Regular singer.

It should be noted that Gravity some time back attacked Spice Diana and Manager Roger for being hypocrites and having bad intentions towards fellow singers.


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