Pallaso’s Mother Predicts The End Of Alien Skin’s Music Career Soon

Singer Pallaso aka Pius Mayanja’s mother Prossy Mayanja has predicted the end of singer Alien Skin’s music career soon. This came after Pallaso slapped Alien Skin across the face and he took matters personally.

Pallaso’s mother said her son is very humble and peaceful. There must have been a big reason why he decided to finally get physical with Alien Skin.

She said he may be provoked him to the core. And slapping him wouldn’t make Alien Skin develop hatred towards Pallaso to the extent of staging a concert on the same date as his.

According to Pallaso’s mother, Alien Skin is also violent. He beat up a bouncer and removed one of his teeth. He also slapped Kayz and people didn’t develop that much hatred towards him.

She went ahead and revealed that the Mayanja family is very blessed and anyone who tries to put it down, always doesn’t have a successful career.

She said people should watch over Alien Skin because with his behavior, he will not last longer in the game. He found Pallaso already in the industry, he is again going to leave him in the same industry.

“Whoever talks bad things about the Mayanjas, that will be the end of them. I think this young boy’s music career will not last longer, his behavior is not all that good,” – Prossy Mayanja, Pallaso’s mother It should be noted that the reason for Pallaso and Alien Skin’s fight hasn’t been revealed.


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