Bayimbi mwe mbasaba temukiliza bu Handouts kuva mu government, babagala muli baavu – Bobi Wine advises artistes

Musician and politician, Bobi Wine took some minutes to address musicians at the burial of the late Kato Lubwama. In his address to fellow musicians, Bobi Wine advised them to reject handouts.

He said that that they should open their minds because they are better than the handouts. The Firebase boss added that he heard that government is planning to give them lots of money. This however won’t be enough to sustain all of them in the long run.

Further, the Nalumansi singer pointed out that government has taken long to pass the copyright law. Yet they were so quick to pass Hon Muhammad Nsereko’s computer misuse bill. The reason for this is to keep artistes poor.

Apparently government has passed all the bills that were drafted in the same time as the copyright law which was brought forth by MP Hilary Kiyaga aka Dr Hilderman.

Bobi Wine’s brother Silver Kyagulanyi had helped to add clauses into this bill that he learned from the Nigerian music industry.

“Artists, open your minds, you are better than the handouts the government gives you. I recently heard that they want to give you over UGX 30Bn. What can that money do for you?

The government was very fast to pass Hon. Nsereko’s Computer Misuse Act. But it has taken them ages to pass the copyright law simply because they want you (artists) broke.”

Bobi Wine also said that the reason he uses burials to speak is because fellow musicians now fear associating with him. This is because they fear the government will hold it out on them.

The former MP also hailed Kato Lubwama as having been on the side of the people. This is because he didn’t stay in DP when Nobert Mao ‘sold’ it off to the NRM.


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