Father and Daughter moment | Bruno K and Briella share high-fives for the job well done.

Father and daughter created a makeshift exercise station on the house front pouch where they then partook in a challenge. Next time your young one presents his/her report, pick a leaf from these two on how to react.

However, just to make sure it is not cram work, the singer asks her to turn the test questions on him. He purposefully answers with the wrong answers, with the young one none the wiser, which are swiftly corrected by the serious young girl.

She doesn’t let his tricks go without a frustrated negative and exasperated gesture. The two go on to share high-fives for the job well done. Soon after, however, the young girl picks up a ball signaling time to play.

Earlier in the day, Bruno K who was still wearing the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) t-shirt, had shared a fun moment with the B2C trio Julio, Mr. Lee, and Bobby Lash. The four were dancing to B2C’s recent release “Bend and Pause”.

Bruno K captioned the video of his class time with Briella thanking the administrators at Briella’s school for doing a great job.



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