Caroline Marcah spills MC Kats’secrets behind their relationship

Media personality Caroline Marcah real name Caroline Mirembe has spilled MC Kats’ secrets behind their relationship.

She said they are spiritually connected and she doesn’t think they will ever chuck each other despite of any situation. Caroline Marcah and MC Kats became so close when Kats had issues with his baby mama Fille Mutoni.

By then Kats also had a mental breakdown where he had just told the world that he is HIV positive. Most people were point fingers at him and Caroline Marcah decided to stand by his side.

There was rumor that the two were busy seeing each other intimate wise but Caroline Marcah has clarified the matter.

According to Caroline Marcah, MC Kats is her best friend and she thinks she is the only person that understands him. Other people just judge him when he breaks down forgetting that he is a human being.

Mcee Caroline Marcah said they have had their ups and downs as friends but that doesn’t take away the fact that MC Kats is such a good person and likes to see other people prosper.

She however said she is not friends with MC Kats baby mama Fille and she doesn’t think they will ever be friends.


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