BULIJJO MUGAMBA SILINA MABEELE KANGABALAGE | Sheilah Gashumba ayogedde esonga lwaaki yafulumiza ebifananyi nga amabeele gali bweru

Socialite and media personality, Sheilah Gashumba has come out to reveal why she parades her little perky breasts for the public to see. It should be noted that the media personality has on several occasions worn see through clothes exposing her b00bs.

This was the same case over the weekend. A video currently circulating on social media shows her at a hangout spot dancing in a see through top.

One does not need a microscope to look at her small apples in the chest. Since then, several people have taken to giving their different opinions about this video. Some have called out this dressing which they find inappropriate and offensive.

She however came to her defense on why dresses like this. The NGR FM presenter says that people always claim that she has no breasts. Sheilah wondered why people want her to wear bras yet they say that her breasts are small.

Therefore she won’t be wearing any bras at all. In fact she added that she doesn’t have any bras at all. Therefore her critics should expect to see more of this.

Lmfao, someone is like your n!pples!! Yes my n!pples are out and so what!!! You say our boobies are small and you want us to wear bras!! Choose a struggle!! We ain’t wearing bras matter of fact I don’t even have a bra!! B!tch bye,” barked Sheilah Gashumba to one of her critics.

The former NBS TV After 5 presenter has become fond of dressing inappropriately according to public standards. Most people actually tend to feel for her father, Frank Gashumba.

Gashumba also doesn’t seem to approve of his daughter’s lifestyle. A few months ago, an audio leaked on how he was disappointed on the way she leads her life and pointed out the butt tattoos she had got of her ex, God’s Plan.


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