Eyali Mukyaala Wa Mikie Wine Shazney Khan wetwogelera ali lubuto

Shazney Khan, who shares a child with Mikie Wine, is rumored to be pregnant again following their breakup. A few months ago, Shazney decided to leave Mikie Wine’s residence in Gayaza after discovering that he had been unfaithful.

It was revealed that he had secretly fathered a baby boy named David Paris with his mistress, Pauline Kemigisha.

Feeling frustrated and betrayed, Shazney moved on with a new man. Their affectionate posts on social media made it clear that they are a couple.

Since parting ways with Mikie Wine, Khan has seemingly been enjoying her life, but it appears that she has also gained some weight. This has led netizens to speculate that she may be expecting, based on her recent photos shared on social media.


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