Dr. Hamza Ssebunya opens up about his marriage with Rema

Songstress beautiful Rema Namakula’s husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya has praised her in that media. He said nothing can come between him and her as the wife because she is one of the best things that have ever happened to him.

Rema Namakula and Hamza started dating when she was still in the home of Eddy Kenzo. The two proceeded to even make arrangements for their marriage in silence. The singer left her baby daddy’s home getting married immediately and that made headlines in the media.

People wanted to know what kind of man has taken Rema away from Eddy Kenzo. At first Kenzo’s fans were brutal with Hamza but they have come to reality. Rema and her husband now have a child together and their relationship has grown even stronger.

According to Dr.Hamza Ssebunya, family time is important and that nothing can come between the time he has for his wife. He said that’s what has managed to keep him and Rema very close to one another.


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