Hon. Shamim Malende pledges To assist Bedridden Evelyn Lagu By Fighting For Copyright Law

Kampala Woman MP, Hon Shamim Malende has vowed to assist bedridden singer, Evelyn Lagu by fighting for the copyright law. It should be noted that musicians are currently fighting tooth and nail for copyright law.

They recently formed the Uganda National Musicians Federation(UNMF) to have a unanimous voice in achieving this. Several musicians in the past have had to rely on the assistance of well-wishers to overcome some adversities in their lives.

Among these is the Ogumanga singer who has been suffering from kidney failure for a few years. She heavily relies on outsiders to keep breathing.

Malende was one of those who reached out to the singer on yesterday’s Eid. She gave the singer a some items ranging from foodstuffs to money.

She added that she’s going to join fellow MPs Geoffrey Lutaaya and Dr Hilderman who are fighting for the copyright law. This is because Lagu is a good singer and should be feeding off her catalog.

“We have decided to reach out today to help Evelyn Lagu. As the holy books say that when the right hand gives, don’t let the left know, we won’t reveal what we have given her. However, it will be to help in her treatment.

Besides, she’s a very good singer as we all know from her songs. I’m going to join my comrades who are pushing for the copyright law. Evelyn should eat off her sweat,” said the MP.

Meanwhile, the singer was appreciative of this gesture from the MP. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she said that she was indeed blessed to be able to have such people helping her.


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