Bebe Cool Reaches Out To NUP’s Sick Comedian Sammy Okanya aka mighty family and promised for further support if needed

Musician Big Size Bebe Cool has reached out to help NUP’s sick comedian Sammy Okanya of the Mighty Family. The faded comedian is currently suffering from an unknown disease. 

The Gagamel boss sympathized with him. He added that people may have different political opinions but they need to stay healthy and alive so that they can get a chance to enjoy living in their country.  

The singer sent out his prayers to the ailing comedian. He further said that if there is anyone handling him on the sick bed, they should reach out to him for help. That is only if it is needed. 

“Sad as a young Ugandan is sick and going through a hard time. We may have different political opinions but the fact remains we all need to be alive and healthy to enjoy our country Uganda today and tomorrow.

Young man, you have my prayers. In case anyone is handling him, please reach out coz I would like to support him in case my support is needed. May Allah see you through. Quick recovery Sammy mighty family,” said the Wire Wire singer. 

It should be noted that the comedian had a budding career in standup comedy. However, a series of events masterminded by him and his comedy partner derailed their career.

From self-kidnapping to vile attacks against the ruling regime, the group fell off just like that. Sammy was last in the news after fleeing the country and getting married to an old Zungu lady. 


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