Reason Why Zari Hassan Called Shakib a ‘Dull, Slow and Suspecious’ Young Man

In a leaked audio clip of Zari Hassan speaking on phone came out, many where shocked that she could say such awful words about her legally married husband but what really happened? Why did she call him a Slow Fala who doesn’t know what to do?

Zari stated that her frustration with Shakib is because he is such a dull person who constantly relies on her for guidance and assistance.

She shared that Shakib lacks intelligence and whenever they need to apply for visas or other travel documents, she is the one who speaks on their behalf. It seems that Shakib struggles to assert himself and lacks confidence.

“He often appears uncertain and lacks the ability to introduce himself confidently. He is quite timid, and I find myself having to take charge and ensure everything is sorted when it comes to clearing his travel documents,” Zari stated.


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